Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthers Gone Wild

Yesterday The White House released President Obama's long form birth certificate in response to the many claims from "birthers" that he was not born in the United States. Donald Trump proudly took credit for the birth certificate release. Shortly after the release Amanda Terkel, Senior Political Reporter for The Huffington Post tweeted this: "Holding judgement on Obama's birth certificate until Trump takes a look at verifies it for me." That totally cracked me up and it inspired me to make this illustration. Thank you Ms. Terkel for making me laugh. On a more serious note, probably the most powerful words about this whole birther issue yesterday came from Goldie Taylor, MSNBC contributor and contributing editor of Her op ed about the racist roots of birtherism can be viewed here via The Rachel Maddow Show. Author of The Rude Pundit, Lee Papa also added his two cents when discussing on The Ed Show what the GOP may focus on in the upcoming weeks to put a negative spin on the Obama presidency he replied "Isn't it a shame that that's what republicanism has become now. Now, in order to appease the base of the Republican Party you've got to be anti-gay, rabidly anti-choice and, in some way, a birther.
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