Thursday, July 28, 2011

Layne Staley

The recent tragic death of Amy Winehouse has made me think of some of the other celebrities who have died in recent years from drug overdoses or addictions. Celebrities like Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Shannon Hoon, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and others. One of the most tragic of these in my opinion was Layne Staley, lead singer of the 90s grunge rock band Alice in Chains. After hearing the news about Winehouse, I revisited what happened to Staley. According to the SeattleWeekly, on April 20th 2002 Staley’s body was found in his apartment with a needle still in his arm. His body weighed only 86 pounds when it was discovered and unbelievably his body had been in his apartment for two weeks before anyone even noticed. He was 34 years old. This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard. In more recent news it is now being reported that Winehouse may have died from alcohol withdrawal after desperately trying to abstain cold turkey.  After Ms. Winehouse’s death I’ve heard so many people say such horrible, judgmental things about her, including going so far as to call her a loser. Seriously, Winehouse won FIVE Grammy Awards. To anyone calling her a loser I have to ask where’s your Grammy? I dedicate this blog post to Ms. Winehouse, Staley and all the others who achieved such tremendous success but lost their lives tragically at the hands of addiction. To anyone who is facing addiction please get help it could save your life.
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