Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten Journalists in Ten Days: Ezra Klein

The fifth journalist in my Ten Journalists in Ten Days series is economic and domestic policy columnist for The Washington Post, Ezra Klein.  I found this interview with Klein that he did in 2004 with where he pretty much summed up another reason that I wanted to create this tribute to journalists. He said “I think that the creation of a media environment that can sustain and propel progressivism is more important than any single elected official. The media is as effective and important an agent for change as the legislative bodies, and I think it's where I'm happiest and most effective.” I had to include Klein in this list because I think he’s amazing and brilliant. I’m consistently impressed at how prolific Klein is. On Thursday September 8th The President’s job speech aired at 7:30 pm eastern time. By 8:29 pm Klein had already written a completely thorough rundown of what was in the President’s plan. I think The Washington Post hit the jackpot when they snagged him. Klein's column online was recently redesigned and renamed Wonkblog and it looks amazing.

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