Friday, October 28, 2011

Mayor Jean Quan

There is more developing news regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests. Police raided the "Occupy Oakland" protestors’ camp in Oakland, California Tuesday. One of the protestors, an Iraq War Veteran, Scott Olsen was apparently hit in the head with a projectile by police. Olsen was critically injured and suffered a fractured skull as a result. Oakland Mayor, Jean Quan said during a press conference yesterday “I feel that we are all part of the 99% including the police and city workers.” It is now being reported that Quan will attend an Occupy Oakland demonstration where she is expected to address the protestors. This comes after Political Commentator, Keith Olbermann called for Quan’s resignation in an emotionally charged Special Comment on his show after news of the police raid broke. Quan was at a meeting in Washington D.C. when she authorized the Occupy Oakland raid.
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