Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators in Ten Days: David

Day Four in my Ten Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators in Ten Days series: David. 

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams reported about the demonstrations again last night. This time mentioning how the protests are now getting support from unions and how the movement has moved beyond Wall Street and gone national. Weirdly, the mainstream media keeps describing the Occupy Wall Street movement as “undefined.”  However, as Rachel Maddow pointed out so well on her show last night the Occupy Wall Street movement’s message is clear. That “big business and the financial industry and the richest 1% of Americans have not just taken everything for themselves but they have ruined everything for the rest of the country and prevented anything from getting fixed.” More importantly, Ms. Maddow also pointed out during her talk with Pollster for Democratic polling firm Anzalone Liszt Research, Jeff Liszt that this message of a more fair tax system is mainstream according to the latest polls.

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