Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ten Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators in Ten Days: Vikki and Raena

The Tenth and final day in my Ten Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators in Ten Days series is mother and daughter, Vikki and Raena. Okay so I cheated a little because there’s two and technically that makes it eleven demonstrators. I just liked the idea of featuring a mother and daughter for the final day.

I just want to share a couple more links. Last night Rachel Maddow talked with Comedian and Host of HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher about the Occupy Wall Street protests. The interview was in two parts which can be viewed here and here. Again, here is a great list of resources compiled by Associate Publisher of The Nation, Peter Rothberg for anyone interested in supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Finally for a better understanding of the reasoning behind the protests I want to recommend to everyone the 2010 documentary film Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon.  The film meticulously documents the financial crisis and lays it all out in a way that anyone can understand. Inside Job won an Oscar in 2010 for Best Documentary Feature.

That concludes the series I hope everyone enjoyed it. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who sent me nice messages on twitter and a very special thank you to Mother Jones Senior Editor, Michael Mechanic, Senior Editor at AlterNet, Joshua Holland, Deputy Managing Editor of, Jason Leopold, Freelance Writer, Anna Pulley, Radio Host, Sam Seder and The Week Magazine for sharing the series along the way.

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