Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scott Prouty

The man who recorded the 47 percent video, Scott Prouty finally came forward and gave his first interview to Ed Schultz last night. Prouty was working as a bartender during the Mitt Romney fundraiser when he recorded the infamous video. Prouty revealed it was actually Romney's comments about factory workers in China that prompted him to eventually release the video. He explained in detail why he didn't come forward publicly until now because he wanted the spotlight to be on the video and not himself. Prouty said, "The motivation was just to expose him for what he said." Finally Prouty apologized to his employers for potentially putting their business in jeopardy by releasing the video. Schultz called Prouty, "A guy with a lot of guts." The interview is in four parts which can be viewed here:
Prouty is definitely a hero in my book and this interview is a must see.

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