Friday, July 21, 2017

David Corn

By now everyone already knows about the Trump Jr. emails exposing his meeting with a Russian government lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. What people might not know is the timeline of events that led up to Trump Jr. posting the incriminating emails on his own twitter page. The New York Times was all set to run the explosive story and they contacted the White House and Trump Jr. to let them know. The White House asked them for more time and while the Times was waiting Trump Jr posted the emails on his twitter page presumably in an attempt to beat them to the punch. Mother Jones' David Corn wrote a comprehensive piece about the meeting detailing the players involved. Here Corn talks with Lawrence O’Donnell about the Trump Jr. emails and the news cycle that led up to Trump Jr’s damning confession. Since Trump Jr’s confession more news has been revealed about previously undisclosed people who were at the meeting. 

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