Friday, July 28, 2017

Sari Horwitz

Sari Horwitz, Justice Department reporter for The Washington Post, keeping us informed of all the juicy details at the White House. Horwitz recently reported on Donald Trump's public verbal attacks on AG Jeff Sessions. Most likely to get support from his base to turn on Sessions. The rumor regarding Trump's bizarre behavior is that Trump is planning to fire Sessions in an effort to derail the investigation into his collusion with Russia. Because Sessions has recused himself from the Russia investigation for lying under oath about his ties to Russia, Trump is anticipated to replace sessions with a different AG who is not recused from the investigation. In turn the new AG would be free to fire Robert Mueller, the head lawyer in the Russia probe.  Some experts have hinted that if Mueller is fired it could start a constitutional crisis the likes of which the U.S. has never seen. Meanwhile democrats have claimed they have a way to block any efforts by Trump to replace Sessions while the senate is in recess. Get your popcorn ready.

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