Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten Occupy Wall Street Heroes In Ten Days: Celeste Langan

Day five in my Ten Occupy Wall Street Heroes in Ten Days series is University of California Berkeley English professor, Celeste Langan. Langan was arrested during a protest on the UCB campus in November. In this video of the clash with police posted on youtube you can see Langan peacefully holding out her arms to police offering to be arrested. The police then grab her by the hair and aggressively pull her to the ground. It’s disturbing and heartbreaking to watch. If any of my college professors would have stood up like that they would have truly been my hero for life. Another video shows the police in riot gear hitting UCB students with their batons. I really wanted to include Langan not only because she was arrested but also because, like most of these incidents, it was largely ignored by the media. Here on her blog Langan describes how and why she got arrested.
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