Friday, December 14, 2012

A Very Sad Day

It was a very sad day today when the second worst school shooting in US history took place in Connecticut. At around 9:30 am a 20 year old male entered Sandy Hook Elementary School where he opened fire. As of this posting, 26 people were being reported dead. Among them are 20 children, 6 adults and the shooter. President Obama addressed the nation from the press room at the white house at 3:15 pm where he emotionally stated:
He further called for the country’s leaders to take ‘meaningful action’ after the Connecticut shooting. This was his fourth national speech on gun violence. Later it was reported that Brian Fischer, spokesman for the radically conservative group American Family Association, used the tragedy to push for his religious agenda of eliminating the separation of church and state, saying the children died because the school did not embrace god. Fischer further said that God allowed the shooting to happen because prayer, The Bible and the Ten Commandments aren’t taught in public schools. Later a host for the republican political operation, Fox News Channel, followed suit advocating for government mandated Christianity, saying that schools, "Become a place of carnage" when "We systematically remove God."
Connecticut state police continue to give updates on the day's events and news is still murky about the shooter. With Connecticut police reporting that the investigation is ongoing and that all information won’t be known until tomorrow.
*Update*  Police have now identified the shooter as 20 year old Adam Lanza

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