Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wendy Davis

Texas state senator, Wendy Davis is now running for governor of the state. Rachel Maddow had the opportunity to interview Davis last year in July after her epic filibuster. Davis discussed the hypocrisy of the republican majority in Texas, and particularly of current republican governor Rick Perry, who have stripped many Texas women of health care services while vetoing other bills in the name of 'intrusion of government into a person’s liberty.'  Personally as a democrat, because Texas is one of the reddest of red sates, I would be thrilled to see a win for Davis and to see Texas turn from red to at least purple. Now that Davis is a gubernatorial candidate the right has been trying to smear her relentlessly with personal attacks. The more they attack her the more I like her and I’m certainly not the only one. Davis’ campaign has just announced that she has received a total of 95,892 grassroots contributions of $50 or less since last summer.

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