Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Scene 2

Weeks have passed and there’s still so much to talk about regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests. The other day Freelance Writer and Photographer, John Gatta sent out this great tweet about the Occupy Wall Street Protestors: "If only they'd walk around in Colonial costumes, call prez hitler and carry rifles, police and msm would treat 'em as heroes." I thought that summed it up nicely. One of the main demands of the protestors has been tougher regulations on Wall Street. Rachel Maddow recently had this really great talk with Columnist for The Washington Post, Ezra Klein about how the current crop of Republican presidential candidates actually want to roll back regulations to before the Enron scandal. Tulane Professor, Melissa Harris-Perry had an outstanding talk recently with Author, Tom Wise about the new Occupy Wall Street development in Harlem, white privilege and the meaning of race work in a solidarity movement like Occupy Wall Street. On a much lighter note the website Funny or Die posted this hilarious parody video "Occupy Main Street." I highly recommend it for the entertainment value.
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